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Skillen for Korea escort wrote:
Just to clear things up I'm a guy and I work out. Hence the nice round firm butt lol see the review
Reppert for Livelo escort wrote:
I'm 23 and she is 19. One of the reasons I've kept my distance. But at the same time you can't help who you're attracted to. see the review
Krienke for Zaskia escort wrote:
I could have guessed you were those ages / that you were young based on the banter. Having this is mind ... see the review
Moonset for Hana escort wrote:
If you like her, keep your reply classy and not trashy. Even if you don't like her THAT WAY keep it classy not trashy. see the review
Barse for Ardiana escort wrote:
Be mature about it. Ask her out on a real date. Get to know here. Sex will come . You either want sex or a relationship with this girl. Choose one. She is young so be careful (I know you are young too). But at 19, she's at an age where there will be plenty of guys for her to explore. Just be prepared for that. see the review
Needler for Shreyashi escort wrote:
Originally Posted by ktmiller222 see the review
Rowing for Nagananthiny escort wrote:
Really not trying to just bang her. I think that's definitely what she wants though. I've never been the one to just hook up with girls even though I very well could if I wanted to and she knows this. I think that makes myself somewhat of a challenge to her. I'm not easy, I'm not easily impressed either. This could explain her endearment towards me. see the review
Zephaniah for Priene escort wrote:
You're waiting far too long to respond. 72 hours now? You need to step it up if you want this to go somewhere. see the review
Flustra for Mei Chan escort wrote:
I agree with the others, don't go for the frat-boy "a piece of ass" reply. see the review
Lanas for Fulga escort wrote:
If you want to ask her out, now would be the time to ask for a date for Christmas. The ship is going to sail otherwise. Trying to be a challenge is one thing, but she will eventually tire of it if she starts getting attention from someone else. see the review
Accrued for Eha Leili escort wrote:
We have hung out multiple times outside of work. One time we actually hung out in my car at night for 6 hours and just talked. I do give her attention just in person or at work. I'm not very good at texting. I find it annoying and hard to really connect with someone through text. see the review
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