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Nim for Hunifa escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Emmafive see the review
Karolyn for Niuriana escort wrote:
Ummm, you don’t see this as odd OP? Idk maybe it’s just me... see the review
Jipper for Hedyah escort wrote:
Ehhh not really, except that she’s still part of their group I guess. see the review
Antired for Bhrzen escort wrote:
Sweetie, this has red flags and bright orange caution cones ALL OVER IT! see the review
Hinchey for Annika Hvass escort wrote:
Time to abort. see the review
Oldster for Zaskia escort wrote:
So the breakup wasn’t that long ago see the review
Digby for Mwanahija escort wrote:
They really loved each other see the review
Deacon for Ardiana escort wrote:
This guys best friend’s gf is asking the ex to do something. They weren’t really close before. see the review
Voes for Yuchao escort wrote:
Unless the gf is socially awkward/inept more than likely she had to have asked either her boyfriend/the best friend of your guy or the guy you’re seeing/ex boyfriend if this way okay to do. Someone said sure aka they have no problem with her still being around. If your guy or his friend thought she shouldn’t/didn’t want her to be around she wouldn’t have asked the ex gf. I hope all of that made sense haha. Bottom line they still feel like they want her around in some form or fashion; the ex still wants her around. see the review
Wons for Glennsdotter escort wrote:
Again, this is just how I view it. see the review
Eggcup for Nebulosa escort wrote:
and if she's getting invites from those within the group, that means they see something afoot that you don't between the two of them. see the review
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