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Misworded for Mumtaas escort wrote:
Could I respond with just "You"? Even though it's been 3 days. see the review
Whatsup for Sejdina escort wrote:
Yes, but that would have been more effective 3 days ago. Better late then never. see the review
Fortini for Aphaporn escort wrote:
Would it be bad to say "you" followed up with a "whoops sorry wrong person". see the review
Validat for Emma Olivia escort wrote:
Since she started showing interest in me I have given her a hard time. Teasing her and kinda just being a dick. She knows I'm joking cause she feeds into so I feel like if I said that she would know I'm lying anyways and play into. see the review
Nephrolepis for Njd escort wrote:
That would be terrible. Don't do it. see the review
Cardona for Anjeanette escort wrote:
In person if she could see you wink or grin or some other non-verbal thing to negate the words it might be a OK tease. Over text, even with an emoji it will be very very bad. Don't do it. see the review
Depot for Saba Adnan escort wrote:
It's very possible the text was meant for someone else....delete/block anyways. see the review
Maddle for Abdulatief escort wrote:
Do I just continue to ignore him or should I just come out and let him know that I’d rather just not share guys with other women? I know we owe each other nothing but I’m not looking to be involved in any drama and be just a second, third, fourth, etc option. Should I just tell him, and if so, how to word it correctly? Or just leave it as is? see the review
Masotti for Annika Hvass escort wrote:
What this indicates is that he would have no problem cheating in you if you were to see him long term... see the review
Elusory for Teonia escort wrote:
This guy is a Textbook for Telegraphing his moves in a pretty pathetic fashion. I'd expect this from a cast member of Jersey Shore. see the review
Tomando for Glennsdotter escort wrote:
I'd respond, "It's not going to work out," then block him. see the review
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