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Penal for Nagananthiny escort wrote:
Originally Posted by cabbageman see the review
Trebreh for Andretta escort wrote:
Crap.... I just saw your other post. see the review
Premiership for Ehmoud escort wrote:
You have a CHILD with this 14 year older woman? Oh yikes, cart WAAAAAAY before the horse. see the review
Popgun for Jebamany escort wrote:
Someone might say I don't love her, I would say it's more likely that I can't love anybody more then myself or can't put another first, it's always been like this and I don't plan on changing. see the review
Lathrop for Teonia escort wrote:
I feel very sorry for your child. see the review
Migrate for Fulga escort wrote:
1) Why are people so possessive? If you truly love someone wouldn't you want them to be happy, no matter with who? see the review
Delbert for Nukrai escort wrote:
You're not the first person to have this misunderstanding that monogamy is somehow the same thing as possession. A person in a monogamous relationship is not saying "I own you, so you mustn't see other people". They're saying "We agreed to be exclusive to one another from the outset, and I expect you to have enough integrity to stick to that". see the review
Lingham for Korea escort wrote:
Look at the word you used. Cheated. You didn't say "when you find out someone slept with someone else", which implies at least the possibility of being honest. Cheating means dishonesty, and broken trust, by definition. Are you generally not bothered when people are dishonest? If the answer is no, then are you so far removed from understanding other people that you can't see why for most people the answer is yes? see the review
Piraty for Albinsdotter escort wrote:
Something doesn’t seem right see the review
Deb for Alma Sophia escort wrote:
I wish it was fake!!!! I wish I could take away all the hurt. Not only did I hurt the person I love the most in life, but both of our families are hurting as well. We are fortunate to not have already been married, and kids are not part of the equation, however it doesn't lessen the pain. I cannot tell you how much I wish this was fake. Unfortunately, it is real. It is what it is, and life is pretty sh*tty right now. see the review
Dzioba for Spiridoula escort wrote:
To everyone who has shared their advice-- THANK YOU. What wise words you have shared and I will take them to heart. Thank you for listening and responding. see the review
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