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Giles for Anrig escort wrote:
Go figure. One of lifes little mysteries . see the review
Cruz for Rushna escort wrote:
I know what you mean but it's not like he tries to imitate Elvis Presley by clothes, voice, etc, he just told me he likes the sideburns look when I asked him about them. see the review
Ashplant for Orod escort wrote:
I think everyone is influenced by certain individuals in different ways. For example, I like a lot of traditional clothing and I find myself influenced by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, and other famous actresses and models of the 1950-60s era. see the review
Burkart for Ehmoud escort wrote:
Because I'm interested in what other women's opinions are about men who sport sideburns. It's not something you see every day. see the review
Surveys for Sejdina escort wrote:
Originally Posted by RecentChange see the review
Marajuana for Anuradha escort wrote:
You see that's the thing, I actually do think he suits them and they look nice. see the review
Pamper for Frantseska escort wrote:
Might have been all the rage in Wyatt Earps era, but I think it looks silly now. see the review
Unknighted for Adal escort wrote:
I only like a man to be clean-shaven. However, I don't mind the groomed sideburns that Elvis Presley sported in his earlier years. see the review
Han for Fulga escort wrote:
But I don't like the length he had them in his later years: see the review
Unstuck for Gunish escort wrote: see the review
Pearson for Priene escort wrote:
That length is not my cup of tea. see the review
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