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Gagarin for Florentina Rodica escort wrote:
I've known girls in school who gets very fixated on a guy they don't even know that well, some of them are more forward about it and some just hide it. I'd stay away from her if I were you and not tell her too much about yourself, and definitely do NOT tell her who you find attractive. Some girls (and guys too) go psycho with that. see the review
Symbol for Annika Hvass escort wrote:
So what do you want out of this? For her to stop being so forward with you? You want to date her? Don't want to date her? What's yer deal? see the review
Buypass for Afkera escort wrote:
For right now just to be friends, possibly more. Yesterday things where slow so we had some time to talk and she hesitantly told me that she wanted to ask me a question. So I said go ahead and she got all giggly and shy and told me that when she goes home she talks about work to her friends and how I do all these funny and interesting things at work. Honestly none of the things I do are that interesting. see the review
Bongers for Zaskia escort wrote:
According to her and I sorta doubt this based on her demeanor, her "friend" or so she claims wanted to know if I was single. My immediate reaction was nope not interested, etc because I have no idea who this girl is and honestly there is no way a girl I never met before is gonna like me based on a couple stories her friend told her. see the review
Yangtze for Anuradha escort wrote:
She kept asking me all morning why I said no to her friend and asked if I had a gf to which I said maybe. She also kept bugging me about adding her back on a snapchat which I finally did. No signs of Her appearnt "friend" that wanted to know if I was single. I honestly think she made her "friend" up but I didn't want to call her out on it. see the review
Bryant for Shreyashi escort wrote:
I also went and got her lunch so I'm making progress see the review
Santana for Niuriana escort wrote:
I didn't check my phone all day yesterday and she sent me snap with a picture of her car and where we would normally park with a question mark drawn in where my car normally would be. The caption was "sad Sunday and Monday". My days off are Sunday and Monday. I'm thinking about doing the same thing to her tomorrow? Maybe park where she normally parks see the review
Marg for Sejdina escort wrote:
of course there is no "friend" she is asking for HERSELF dude! see the review
Mcqueen for Mwanahija escort wrote:
She has an obvious crush on you. You either need to do something about it quick if you aren't interested because if you don't she is going to blow up on you. see the review
Shreddy for Ehmoud escort wrote:
Originally Posted by soret see the review
Invitation for Frantseska escort wrote:
What do you mean blowup? see the review
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