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Invocation for Gunish escort wrote:
No....that would take some time.... see the review
Elfmans for Jojan escort wrote:
Great.....take all the time needed to decide... see the review
Alesha for Ehmoud escort wrote:
[/QUOTE] see the review
Louie for Livelo escort wrote:
Don't expect to jerk people around and expect them to wait around for you....Most guys worth a shyt would never play that game,, see the review
Joram for Adal escort wrote:
Well, before I can give a definite answer. I want to know what exclusive means to him. Because on prior date he stated he wants me to be his girl. That to me means girlfriend. So, is it he wants me to be his girlfriend or he wants me or us to just date each other. Once i get clarification, I can answer. see the review
Artists for Kamolporn escort wrote:
Yeah, I see it as being a good idea to know exactly what you're agreeing to before you agree to it. see the review
Tor for Anuradha escort wrote:
I would say about 2 months before he was my bf. He was very into it from the get go. He put pressure for a relationship, while I was the one trying to go with the flow. Around 3 month mark, he told me loved me. Every relationship is different though. see the review
Wanders for Saher escort wrote:
I wouldn't be exclusive with anyone until I was ready to settle down and knew they were too. Like lovephule said, it's not smart. see the review
Cleck for Welle escort wrote:
BlueIvy, you're making this so much more complicated than it needs to be. He wants to be exclusive and for you to be 'his girl'. Yes, this means girlfriend. see the review
Jordan for Nukrai escort wrote:
This isn't a business deal. Or a contract. It's just stopping dating others and taking time to get to know each other without distraction. see the review
Skippy for Natacha escort wrote:
I feel especially for women we need to be protective of our hearts and bodies. At the most, men will lose $$ if it doesn't work out. I feel women have more to lose... see the review
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